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The most luxurious grass in our range

Our Premium product Armada keeps its place in our range since long years. Thanks to its high yarn quality, the fresh green yarns and sunburned beige curls, it has proven its quality and gained their user’s trust. The C- shape yarns properties known as resilient, preventing tangles and matting and ensures a soft feeling. It is the right choice for a luxurious look. While maintaining its softness, it does not compromise its durability. So, you can prefer this artificial grass under all various climate conditions.

Product Features

Natural Appearance

An artificial grass that is indistinguishable from reality

UV resistant

Provides color protection against sunlight

High Quality & Cost Efficient

Artificial grass solutions that have high quality and value for money

Always Playable

Suitable for all weather conditions

Consistent Ball Movements

Provides consistent ball rolls and ball bounce

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

Artificial grass leads to easier maintenance than natural grass


Artificial grass price has a vast price range and you may encounter different prices on artificial turf. Every product has distinctive features and there are many reasons that effects price in artificial turf. The most important factoris the quality of the yarn used. Also weaving density, pile size and filling materials used in the application greatly change the price. Although it is possible to find ridiculously cheap Chinese artificial turf in the market, it is actually not very profitable because of negative outcomes such as the less product life, poor quality look and weak durability materials.
To buy the best quality at a reasonable price please contact Turkey leading Artificial Grass Manufacturer company Ilke Sport.

Synthetic grass is an alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass is made of petroleum. Synthetic turf is developed after scientific searches in order to eliminate disadvantages of natural lawn. There are two main chemical materials used in artificial grass. Polyethylene is used for softness and Polypropylene is commonly used for durability. Apart from sports areas, it is used today for the decorative purpose from gardens, terraces, cafes, and many areas have entered our lives.

Artificial turf can provide up to 10 years of low maintenance product life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. When you consider no mowing, watering and chemicals, it is clear that artificial grass is a quite profitable investment in long term.

Artificial Turf grasses are by far the most popular ground cover in residential landscapes.