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Decoration Artificial Grass


A short pile for a long period

Decora series was manufactured as short synthetic grass, with pile height from 5-12 mm and tufted with short, fibrillated yarn. Decora short artificial grass providing a clean and organized look while saving your money.

Decora artificial grass allows you to transform, in a short time, neglected outdoor space in an elegant and natural area. Short series artificial grass perfectly adapted to the needs of urban decor (terraces, playgrounds, swimming pools, roofs etc.) in an economical way.

Product Features

Natural Appearance

An artificial grass that is indistinguishable from reality

UV resistant

Provides color protection against sunlight

High Quality & Cost Efficient

Artificial grass solutions that have high quality and value for money

Always Playable

Suitable for all weather conditions

Consistent Ball Movements

Provides consistent ball rolls and ball bounce

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

Artificial grass leads to easier maintenance than natural grass