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Football Artificial Grass – Diamond



Obviously, this product gets its name from the yarn shape.  The fibers are designed in a diamond shape to provide advanced playing characteristics with high wear resistance and safety due to sliding friendly yarns. This turf enhances a natural ball play and grip for the player. It maintains durability for many years and is one of the best choices for long-lasting football fields.

Product Features


Natural Appearance

An artificial grass that is indistinguishable from reality

UV resistant

Provides color protection against sunlight

High Quality & Cost Efficient

Artificial grass solutions that have high quality and value for money

Always Playable

Suitable for all weather conditions

Consistent Ball Movements

Provides consistent ball rolls and ball bounce

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

Artificial grass leads to easier maintenance than natural grass


Diamond-shaped artificial grass has very soft yarns, but it is sturdy and also stands upright for a long time even in intense usage.

Best artificial grass‘ can be defined as what you need. For areas with high temperatures C shaped Omega, for those who looking for softness D shaped Ultimate and for those who expected sturdiness Spine shaped Powerspine is the best artificial grass.

Artificial grass made of using polypropylene and polyethylene materials.