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Artificial Football Field Turf

Artificial Football Grass

Nowadays, most professionnal fields use artificial grass for their turf surface, that is why we, as a producer, make sure to produce the best quality for professionnal fields according to the FIFA standards.



Our football turf looks like natural turf and offers you excellent quality. Thanks to the durable and resistant structure of our football grass, it absorbs the shocks quickly and creates a smooth surface. Installing football grass is a cost-effective way to maintain an impeccable football pitches with a professional look without all the maintenance expense, and environmental headaches and ILKESPORT is the ideal artificial turf manufacturer, supplier for artificial soccer turf.

One of the most important factors affecting the performance of players in football is the playing surface. ILKESPORT manufactures artificial grass fields with exclusive yarns for football that increases players’ experience.


Synthetic soccer turfs have an image that cannot be distinguished from natural grass. We guarantee that our artificial lawns meet the required high-quality standards as well as provide a comfortable playing surface.

Types of Artificial Turf for Football


ULTIMATE series of artificial grass has Diamond shape polyethylene monofilament fibers that help you make it happen.


Like its name, this grass has a  Diamond shaped polyethylene monofilament fibers, that's why it is durable to wear and tear. One of its main...


This product has an exclusive Spine shape which provides the highest standing ability desirable. The benefit of...