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Artificial Grass for Padel – Padel Eco

Padel Eco

Our Eco grass, with its fibrillated fibers supports the ball’s bouncing movements, which is highly important in this sport. The ball needs to move naturally, that’s why Padel Eco artificial grass was designed and produced by considering these properties. It is a traditional and affordable product that is more suitable for amateur courts. The sand works significantly better on fibrillated turf and also assists fast games.

Product Features

Natural Appearance

An artificial grass that is indistinguishable from reality

UV resistant

Provides color protection against sunlight

Fewer Injuries Risk

We offer a safer game for players than natural grass fields

Always Playable

Suitable for all weather conditions

Consistent Ball Movements

Provides consistent ball rolls and ball bounce

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

Artificial grass leads to easier maintenance than natural grass