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Artificial Grass for Padel

Artificial Grass for Padel

Padel – The world fastest growing sport; mildly digressed from Tennis it is suitable for all ages and encourages highly social relationships. Padel is also called Padel Tennis or Paddle Tennis. Known as being born in Mexico, spread to Spain and Argentina. Nowadays Padel started to get popular in a lot of countries including Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavian countries, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and many more.


Formerly known as Padel Tennis, it maintains the same rules and scoring as tennis, in a simplified way. The only differences are smaller court sizes, hard racquets, and a softer ball.


As Ilkesport we provide three types of Padel grass in order to meet different kinds of needs, developed accordingly to international standards and players´ benefits, we are constantly evolving our product to the latest player needs.

Types of Artificial Turf for Padel

Padel Pro

This product is designed with texturized monofilament fibers which became more and more popular nowadays.

Padel Straight

Consisting of straight diamond shaped monofilament yarns, this grass provides a different and quality look to the...

Padel Eco

Our Eco grass, with its fibrillated fibers supports the ball’s bouncing movements, which is highly important in this sport.