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Artificial Grass for sports

ILKESPORT produces artificial grass for different kinds of sports. Artificial turf has individual advantages for all when comparing the natural grass. If you want to provide a better experience and increase the players’ performances, you should continue to examine our artificial grass products for sports.

Artificial Football Turf

To increase the pleasure of a soccer game, you need to consider artificial turf fields. “Shoot and Goal” in the best possible pitches.

Artificial Tennis Turf

Imagine a field consistent and durable you can play on all year round. Exactly what you need for in tennis court for 'Match Point'.

Artificial Padel Turf

Synthetic turf for Padel will help you with your short movements and provide a better game performance. Play on a more comfortable...

Artificial Golf Turf

With artificial grass for golf pitches, you will feel more professional on the luxurious surface. We offer smooth ground for a smooth play.

Artificial Multisport Turf

Artificial turf pitches for multisport areas are should be preferred by those who want to find solutions to many sports with a single field. 

Artificial Hockey Turf

Artificial grass pitches for hockey are long-lasting even under intense playing conditions. Try a durable surface that can handle...