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Artificial Grass Suppliers: İlkesport

Artificial grass suppliers realize special applications for professional and amateur pitches. Sport is where passion and competition meet. In this energetic world, it is ilkesport’s mission to create perfect sports fields. As an expert supplier of artificial turf, it offers solutions to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. Thus ilkesport creates fields of the highest standards.


We produce artificial turf for different sports such as football, tennis, golf, hockey, padel and multisport pitches. Our high quality products offer the perfect combination of performance and durability. Our pitches allow players to perform at their best, while providing advantages to pitch owners with ease of maintenance and use.

  1. Artificial Grass Products Suitable for Anytime and Anywhere
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Artificial Grass Products Suitable for Anytime and Anywhere

İlkesport’s wide product range offers ideal solutions for various landscaping projects. Our artificial turf, which is resistant to all weather conditions and reflects the appearance of natural grass. It offers aesthetic and useful options for parks, gardens and commercial areas.


Safety of the pitches and player comfort are also among the priorities of ilkesport. Our technological materials such as SBR granules and shock pads maximize the playing experience while reducing the risk of injury to athletes. Our artificial turf adhesives, felts, helmets and other equipment support the field construction process. They also help to create long-lasting sports fields.

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Artificial Grass Suppliers Near Me

İlkesport offers high quality artificial turf products. The products are produced from materials that feel like real grass, are resistant to UV rays, do not fade and are long-lasting. It offers a variety of artificial turf options for sports fields, gardens, children’s playgrounds and more. Looking green and well-maintained in all seasons, artificial turf makes your surroundings aesthetically appealing.

İlkesport is known for the importance it attaches to quality. It offers turf solutions in accordance with the standards set by FIFA. Thus, it ensures that sports fields are built in accordance with international norms and performance criteria. In this way, it is aimed to ensure both the best performance of athletes and a safe playing environment.

With years of experience and reliability, İlkesport plays a pioneering role in sports field solutions. As one of the artificial grass suppliers, it designs and constructs sports fields in accordance with international standards. İlkesport’s goal is to contribute to the sports community by making sports fields safer, more efficient and performance-oriented. You can contact us for more information or to share your projects with us.

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