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Choosing the Right Sand for Artificial Grass Fields

There are many factors to consider when choosing sand for artificial grass. One of these factors is the grain size of the sand. Ideal sand is one that has homogeneous dimensions and is easily water-permeable when compacted.

This facilitates the drainage of the site and the removal of water from the soil. It is also important that the sand does not harden when compacted and creates a smooth surface on the pitch. The mineral composition of the sand is also a factor to consider. Generally, silica sand is a preferred option for artificial turf fields. Silica sand is known to have a durable structure and to pass water well.

  1. Factors Determining the Quality of Sand For Artificial Grass
  2. Artificial Grass Sand Supply and Application

Factors Determining the Quality of Sand For Artificial Grass

The quality of sand for artificial grass starts with the type and quality of the material used. For a good artificial turf field, suitable polymer mixtures should be used. Quality polymers ensure the durability of the pitch, colorfastness and longevity. In addition, the quality of artificial turf sand is also determined by:

  • Yarn fineness and length of artificial turf sand affect game performance. Long threads help the ball to hold on to the surface better, while shorter threads can provide a faster game experience. These features should be carefully selected according to the intended use of the field.
  • Artificial turf pitches are usually filled with a mixture of sand and rubber granules. These padding materials help players absorb impact and maintain balance on the pitch. The quality and ratio of filling materials affect the surface hardness and comfort of the pitch.
  • An effective drainage system is important for a quality artificial turf field. The rapid discharge of water from the surface of the field after rain or irrigation ensures that the field remains ready and usable for games.
  • Coloring systems that are resistant to sunlight, weather conditions and abrasion make artificial turf sand long-lasting and aesthetic.
  • Environmental effects of artificial turf sand should be considered. Using recycled materials reflects an environmentally friendly approach.
  • Correct installation techniques and regular maintenance are important to maintaining the quality of the artificial turf pitch. Regular cleaning, arranging of backfill materials and keeping the court surface smooth are required.
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Artificial Grass Sand Supply and Application

Artificial turf is an increasingly popular option in landscaping due to its aesthetic appearance, low maintenance and longevity. The supply and application of the right type of sand is very important, as artificial turf flooring is durable and requires proper ground preparation to obtain a smooth surface.


İlkesport acts with the commitment to keep the quality at the highest level in the supply of artificial turf sand. It uses carefully selected silica sand to offer its customers the best quality material. In this way, the durability, appearance and performance of artificial turf flooring are built on a solid foundation.

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