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Artificial Grass for Landscaping

ILKESPORT is the manufacturer of luxury and natural look landscape artificial grass that is used for various purposes. There are many application areas such as residential, commercial, golf, and city landscape for synthetic grasses. We are providing you effortless, eco-friendly and evergreen synthetic turf solutions for all of your needs.


Our Premium product Armada keeps its place in our range since long years. Thanks to its high yarn quality, the fresh green yarns and sunburned beige curls.


Thanks to its high durability, even in extreme weather conditions it does not wear out and preserves its first-day structure.


Are you looking for an economic product which impresses with it’s realistic look at same time? With it’s multi- colored yarns and lush grass fibers, Bermuda is the right one for you!


Decora series was manufactured as short synthetic grass, with pile height from 5-12 mm and tufted with fibrillated yarn.


A further high- end product of our range, which name is giving a hint about its incredible softness.


Pure’s main purpose is to give a sated green view for those who loves it. It also give a Pure all-green natural look to your surfaces for many years.